Redirecting domain I.P to the homepage of the domain

How to redirect my domain I.P to domain homepage?

With a regular HTTP redirect in your server software. That is not a question for the forum however as that is not Cloudflare related.

I am using cloudflare in this .Actually i want to point those cloudflare ip’s

That you cant do. Requests to Cloudflare always require a hostname.

but i am getting this warning on many seo checkup websites.
If the IP ( of this domain gets called, it should redirect to the real homepage of this domain. Not redirecting requests on the IP can cause duplicate content issues.

In the case of Cloudflare not, as it always - as already mentioned - requires a hostname. The IP address assigned to your domain is shared among quite a few other domains as well, hence you cant work with the IP address alone.

You can ignore that “warning”.

Will that cause any problem


ok thanks

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