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Hi there!
I am using Bluehost for my hosting service. I see a message on my Bluehost dashboard which says “the A records are not pointing to Bluehost…” When I contacted Bluehost support, they let me know that there is nothing on their side that can be done, and all I should do was to contact Cloudflare and ask them to add an A record that points to Bluehost’s IP address.
Since I don’t have any business plan and therefore, no access to Cloudflare’s support, I tried adding the A record myself. I added a record with the following info: A as the Type, @ as the Name, and Bluehost’s IP Address for the Content. Proxy Status on Proxied and TTL on Auto.
It’s been more than 72 hours and still Bluehost is saying that the A record is not pointing to their server.
Are there any other records that I need to add? or are there any additional steps that I need to take? Please help!

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When the proxy is :orange: enabled, you will never see a Bluehost IP. You will see the Cloudflare proxy IPs. If you need to see a Bluehost IP, the record needs to be :grey: DNS Only.

Other than the message in your Bluehost dashboard, is your site loading with the proxy :orange: enabled?

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Thank you!
I was getting the Error too_many_redirects previously, but now suddenly my website is loading!
I was actually aware of the fact that this orange cloud proxy will do as you mentioned, that’s why I contacted Bluehost support and explained that, but they insisted that there was some issue with the A record. I guess they don’t know anything after all!
Anyways, I am still seeing the same error on Bluehost dashboard, but the website is loading.
Any suggestions to resolve that? or it wouldn’t be neccessary?

It should be fine. That message is probably just intended to be informational, like when Cloudflare notifies you if you have a :grey: record that points to the same IP as an :orange: record.

Too many redirects is often caused by using Flexible instead of Full (Strict) in you Cloudflare SSL setting. If you follow the linked text, it will explain what can cause it and how to fix it.

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Got it, thank you!

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