Redirecting an old domain to a new domain for SEO purposes

We switched the primary domain of our website from xyz to newxyz. We want to make sure we retain our SEO history from xyz as we have already created 301 redirects on the new webflow site for the individual pages. Do we just need to create a URL redirect rule for xyz in cloudflare? Do we need to remove any A records from this domain in Cloudflare to avoid any conflicts or redirect loops? Thank you very much for any help!

Hi there,

You should not remove any A records, a redirect requires a DNS record for DNS resolution so that a client knows how to reach its destination IP (eg. Cloudflare) - so you should keep your DNS records in place for your original domain and then create redirects eitheer using Page Rules or Redirect rules.

You would only get redirect loops if your new site has redirects that could be routing requests back to the original site, causing a loop.

Hope this helps!


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