Redirecting ALL requests from an old domain to a specific URL

Hello. I have an old domain that I am retiring. I would like to forward all requests to that domain to a specific page on the new site. I would like to make sure that HTTP and HTTPS redirects will work.

I have created a single A record for the old domain name, to make sure that page rules will be triggered.

I have also created a new page rule for the 301 redirect.

However, when I do a test using HTTPS for the old domain, I get a time-out error in both chrome and firefox. I have tried clearing the cache in both browsers. I have also set my PC’s DNS server to

Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated.


Here are the DNS settings for the old domain.

Put a * at the end of your domain (after the slash) That will match all requests to the old domain.

Thanks for the suggestion @sdayman. For some reason I was thinking that if I included the trailing asterisk, it would mess up the redirect to a specific page.

I think the key factor in my “problem” was time and patience. Everything looks like it is working now. I think it just took time for the DNS records to propagate out.

One last question, should I leave the www cname record in the DNS table? Since I am forwarding everything to the new page?

The easiest way to do this is doing redirect from Your origin host by using .htaccess.

So, visitor -> cloudflare -> Your host -> redirect to specific url

You definitely need that :orange: record for www so it will resolve. Then the :orange: will make sure the Page Rule forwards the request.

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