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Currently I want to redirect all http requests to https in subdomain, whats the procedure, I have raised a support ticket as well

Use a Page Rule that targets the subdomain, and set the “Always Use HTTPS” setting.

The associated DNS entry for subdomain needs to be :orange: for Page Rules to work.

But ideally you would set Always Use HTTPS at the domain level, and the page rule is not needed.

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Or it can also be done by Automic HTTPS Rewrite !

No it cannot. That feature does not perform any redirects.


Someone told me that I need to raise a support ticket for this and only the Cloudflare team can do this as its a ipfs server

(It would be useful if this was stated earlier)

What’s the domain name?

cc. @thibault1


Hi @FinoDAO,

I have setup the redirection for your domain.

The answer provided by @michael will work with IPFS Private beta.

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