Redirected you too many times ISSUE After connecting Cloudflare

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After i connect my site to Cloudflare, my site stops working and shows result of “Redirected you too many times” i tried turning off the SSL to “OFF” still same result. I set all my DNS to Non Proxied, my site started work again but does not have SSL. Please can someone help me with this? I need to have SSL on my site. Thank you

Technically, it does, it just have an self-signed certificate, which browsers doesn’t trust. Neither does Cloudflare.

Replace the certificate on your web server with a valid one.

A valid one can be obtained from trusted certificate authorities, such as e.g. Let’s Encrypt,.

Alternatively, you can install one of these:

Start by fixing the issues on your server, so that it works well when the DNS record is set to Unproxied (:grey:) / DNS-only.

Once it works perfectly without Cloudflare, it will work perfectly with Cloudflare too.

In order to have SSL on your site, and to have your site properly secured -

Head over to

Set the SSL/TLS encryption mode to Full (Strict).

Note: Full (Strict)

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i completely removed the self signed SSL from cPanel, then it worked somehow after setting the SSL Mode to Full. But doing this deleted all my website and returned to default server welcome page now i have to reupload all the script files again.

and when im also uploading something via FTP the site usually goes offline and saying “cant handle this request” but at this point it still not saying that error. I think is not recognising the files that are on the server. Any solution for this?

ignore my last messages i guess it was a normal one, my website works fine now after deleting the self signed SSL.

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