Redirected WWW to nonWWW issue

Last week have successfully redirected WWW to nonWWW and it works fine without any issues; but I noticed that WWW version loads slower than nonWWW. The difference is not huge, but there is difference between loading time. Is there any special reason for that and what can i do to fix this?

What do you mean by slower? It doesn’t load at all, because it only redirects, right?

What’s the domain?

I prefer not to mention domain name, but as i said it loads successfully but i don’t know why there is a time difference between loading those. For example www loads 2 seconds slower. I did a redirection in cPanel too. I just wanted to know is this a common issue or is it a common issue or is it for me only?

This will be a server issue in that case and unfortunately beyond of the scope of the forum here. Check out StackExchange and Reddit for server-related issues.

You can also perform the redirect on Cloudflare though → Redirect to