Redirected to many times try to clear cookies

my site has a redirect loop error. This error often leads to website downtime and has two common causes: an incorrect SSL setting or forced HTTPS redirects. Before filing a Cloudflare Support ticket, review our guide on troubleshooting redirect loops.

I also got the same error trying to fix but it is troubling me since last two days. help me out please

i also got the same error sir but i am unable to fix this from 2 days i am a beginner and this is my first website sir please help me out with this sir

Care to share the domain so we could look into it?

Yes sir I can share is my domain name

Your domain is going from http → https → http → https and so on. Your origin seems to be redirecting https to http, you should take a look into that.

Sir how to change this sir I am trying this since 2 days I am unable to change that I am beginner and this is my first website please help me sir

Was your site working with HTTPS before you added it to Cloudflare?

Yes sir It is HTTPS

Yes sir it is https please help me sir this is the 3rd I am facing the same error sir

No, I asked if it WAS https BEFORE you added the site to Cloudflare.

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Yes sir it was https before adding to cloud fare

Ok, then make sure your SSL mode here is set to Full (Strict).

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Yes sir I tried it but still it is showing same error and it is redirecting many times nearly 101times from http to https and again http

Post a full page screenshot of

All right that’s exactly what @sdayman suggested and that’s the correct setting. There’s no redirect any more.

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But still the same error sir can you please visit website still the same error is repeating

Sir new errors sir

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