"/" Redirect?

Is there a way that I can redirect to another domain (like CNAME) but instead of redirect.domain.com is there a way to do domain.com/redirect

is this possible in Cloudflare, if so how would I do it?

Your question is not very clear I am afraid.

If you want a regular redirect, nothing will stop you from redirecting to a root directory or any sub directory. Please check out #Tutorials for how to configure such a redirect.

Otherwise, you’ll need to explain what exactly you want. That wont be a redirect then. Post actual examples.

i want to be able to do url shortener kind of thing but with my own domain.

mydomain.com/info4587 would redirect to some info page

So that URL should simply redirect somewhere else? That would be a redirect and you just need to follow aforementioned tutorial.

you linked to the tutorials subforum not any specific tutorial

Sure, its the overall section for it. Just search for it.

What would i search for. this is why im hear what would you call a / redirect?

and i want it to act a little like a url shortener

For “redirect” for example? :slight_smile:

I am not sure why you refer to URL shortener, though. These are highly dynamic and you wont be able to pull that off with a static redirect configuration. What you can do is a static redirect from A to B.

i want to redirect form A to B like a url shortener. i want to have branded redirects that arent CNAME or A records.

Again, a URL shortener is dynamic and you cant do that. If you have a static URL you can configure that.

As I already asked, you should provide actual examples.

an actual example could be linus tech tips, any sponsor or merch etc, in the description they would link it something like lmg.gg/a500

Actual examples of your own domain.

Where would you take these shortcuts from? In your case you wouldnt be able to use page rules, but could only use Workers, which are a paid feature, particularly because you will need KV as well.

You should do this on your website. There has to be data + logic to redirect a shortened url to the full path.

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