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Hello community,

I have one issue with redirecting w w w. m i l e m i j a t o v i c . c o m to h t t p s : / / m i l e m i j a t o v i c.c o m, however when I want to access to my site without www , it’s properly redirected to the
h t t p s : / / m i l e m i j a t o v i c .c o m

DNS and HTTP Proxy (CDN) is turned on for “A” which is my domain m i l e m i j a t o v i c .c o m and “CNAME” which is www - Value is an alias of m i l e m i j a t o v i c .c o m

SSL - m, * m (2 hosts) Universal (Shared)

Always use HTTPS - Turned on
Automatic HTTPS Rewrites - Turned on

Can you help me how to fix this little issue? Do I need to add new page rule or … ?

Sorry I wrote .co m because I can not use more than two links as new user. Thank you

Works perfectly for me. Both and redirect to their https equivalents.

Thank you for your reply… but it is an issue when you enter, should be redirected to the without www

How to fix that? Can you help me?

It does work properly (for me). “www” gets stripped off when I use HTTP or HTTPS. All combinations ultimately lead me to https without the www.

Yes, everything is ok now.

I solve with this line of code in .htaccess file

RewriteBase /
RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^www.(.*) [NC] RewriteRule ^(.*) http://%1/$1 [R=301,L]


I would change the RewriteRule to point to https instead of the default http. It’ll strip the www and redirect to https all in one swoop.

Ok, thank you for suggestion , can you tell me how to do that? I currently have issue with google analytics, I am not sure does it affects the fact that the google analyst does not show any visitors in real time?

Edit that line of code in .htacess to change the http:// so it says https://
Use whatever editor you just used when you added that line.

Ah, Google Analytics. Is it set up for the www domain? I don’t use Google Analytics, but as I recall from their Webmaster Tools, you need to specify if it’s a www or non-www domain you’re analyzing. Looking at my webmaster tools console, my sites are configured as https.

So…log into Google and make sure you’re using https and not using www.

Ok, I changed http:// to https:// in .htaccess. Thanks for the advice.

In google analytics, no, its not www, I use

I am not sure why real time overview is not displayed :confused:

How about trying the new Google Analytics app here at Cloudflare? You’ll have to turn off your site’s current Analytics code so it doesn’t double-count or conflict.

Just a moment. For some reason, my google analytics now works properly :slight_smile:


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@sdayman isn’t it more efficient to do 301 redirects with a Page Rule instead of .htaccess? Like this: