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Hello, when people try going to we get an ssl error, because the wild card does not work on double subs.

So I’m trying to figure out how to write the page rule, to redirect this structure.

I appreciate anyones help!

Thank you

Hi @chris67,

Yes, this is expected - the sub has to be set to :orange: for page rules to fire, however www.subdomain won’t work as you say - due to the fact that the Universal Certificate doesn’t cover it.

As far as I know, your only two options are:

  • Purchase a dedicated certificate from Cloudflare ($10 / month) and add each www.subdomain to it so it is covered by the cert
  • Set the record to :grey: and perform the redirect on your server rather than on Cloudflare.

The issue is that our subs, are all generated from our server through to the wild cart. They are not subs that are set within clouflare. Its essentially affiliate urls are the sub domains.

Is there no way to do like, a wild card redirect rule in a Page Rule? I’m no good with the patterns or, regex writing of the rules.

Thanks a ton for your reply!!

There is, you can use an * for a wildcard, however every subdomain that would be affected would need a DNS record in the dashboard set to :orange:, you can only set a wildcard subdomain to :orange: on the Enterprise plan.

If you can’t add all the subdomains separately as DNS records and add the www version to a custom cert, then (unless you are on Enterprise), the only way I can think to do this would be a wildcard DNS record set to :grey: (which bypasses all the Cloudflare features) and the redirect performed on the server.


What’s going to trip you up here is SSL for those deeper subdomains. If someone tries to HTTPS to them while they’re set to :orange:, they’re not going to work.

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