Redirect with unicode URLs doesn't work


I have trouble redirecting urls with unicode, here is an example of redirection:


here is the curl command to test with encoded url:

curl -I ""

Can you share a screenshot of the URL Normalisation settings on your Cloudflare Dashboard?

OK. With those settings you just use the URLEncoded version in the Page Rule:

% curlใช-หน-ากากย-งไง-ให-ด --dump-header - --silent | egrep -i '^HTTP|^Location'
HTTP/1.1 302 Moved Temporarily

Thanks, it works!

So using page rules fixed it but it wouldn’t work with bulk redirects feature.

I guess there is a bug in Bulk redirects somewhere, from this page I can see only one URL is properly encoded, that might be a clue:

I was using Page Rules. Looks like there is a bug in Bulk Redirects. Calling @smarsh for backup.

A Source of in Bulk redirects is converted in the UI toใช-หน-ากากย-งไง-ให-ด. Requesting either format does not get a URL match.

Not a bug; Bulk Redirects doesnt support non-ASCII input. We have a feature request open but currently not prioritised. Will update here as soon as we are able to pick it up.

FWIW we dont support non-ASCII Page Rules either.

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Ah, I think i see what you mean now. So i’ve got a URL, encoded it to, saved it in my redirect list (with the first %2F converted to a /, for validation) and once saved I can see its been translated to

Let me chat w/ the team - I suspect it all falls into the same bucket of ‘ASCII only’.

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