Redirect with Subdomains (Page Rules)

Hello! How can I redirect a subdomain (inside Page Rules) to my Google Sites page inside my site?
Like this: to ?

I want “example” as anything I type in the URL.
Like this: * to$1

So I tried that:

But still doesn’t work. How can I do that?

When I told “I want “example” as anything I type in the URL.” I was refering to “Page”, and not “example”.
Like, anything i type in place of “Page” redirect to a page with the same name

I don’t see a domain in your account so I wasn’t able to take a look, but The most common reason that a page rule is not working — such as URL forwarding — is that the page rule you created is on a record that is not proxied by Cloudflare in your DNS settings

General troubleshooting | Page Rules · Cloudflare Rules docs.