Redirect with special characters (#)

hello all, we have a URL with a # in it ( and it seem that Cloudflare redirect rules won’t work with this.

I’ve tried and*/guest/camp/2872/booking and */guest/camp/2872/booking but non seem to work.

I’ve also tried the beta “redirect rules” with a URI that contains /camp/2872/booking but that doesn’t work either.

Any suggestions or help would be very much appreciated,


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The hash character (#) is considered the beginning of a “fragment”, a portion of the URL that is not relevant to the server, only to the browser. Your URL is seen by the browser as: <= the URL
#/guest/camp/2872/booking <= the fragment

Fragments can be used on Cloudflare Redirect Rules in the target URL, but not in the source URL.


Thank you for the response, so it oooks like a redirect from that url won’t be possible then. Much appreciate the explanation


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