Redirect with proxy

My subdomain redirecting to with proxy, tell me what this is connected with and how to remove it


maybe you have configured a page rule which triggers the page rule. Check in the “Rules” tab if a entry for the subdomain exists.

Hi @tophackr,

This is likely because this subdomain previously pointed to an “SSL for SaaS” zone (another Cloudflare zone) that took over your subdomains’ settings. Please contact whoever this domain was pointed to before or create a support ticket with us and post the ticket ID here, mentioning that this is a “Churned Custom Hostname”.

We can then forcefully remove the connection and you should be good to go again! :slight_smile:


Maybe I certainly don’t understand anything.
A subdomain without protection (without proxy) leads exactly to the IP that is needed (example:, but with protection it does not lead to where I need it


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