Redirect with page rule


I change primary link
from : mydomain .com/2021/04/sample-post/
to :

but when user open mydomain .com/2021/04/sample-post/ don’t redirect it to new path mydomain .com/sample-post/

How i can make true redirect from cloudflare page rule ?

Note: i make page rule code but not working fine, the code redirect mydomain .com/2021/04/sample-post/ to : mydomain .com/sample-post/

But when open example mydomain .com/blog/page/3 redirect me to wordpress dashboard

The code : Screenshot by Lightshot

Unless you’re on a Business or Enterprise plan, you can’t pattern match and strip out the middle of the pattern.

The only thing I can think of is Match*/* and then redirect it to$2
That will force redirects only on dated posts. The disadvantage is you’d have to make a page rule for each year you’re trying to redirect.

If you’re running Apache, you’d have more flexibility with .htaccess

If you’re good with Javascript, you can do this with Workers ($5/month package)

Another option is using a WordPress redirect plugin. I believe some of them will do pattern matching.

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