Redirect Website at DNS level without redirecting mail (MX records)

I would like to redirect or forward an old domain without impacting email MX records. Since MX records also point to the old root domain, is there a way around this other than doing a redirect at the webhost level for the site only?

Note the old website will soon be shut down, but we want anyone using the old email domain to still go to the same location (Gsuite Basic) . If I do redirect at web host then I have a problem when he website goes away but I still own the domain.

Maybe I am missing something simple I hope. :wink:

Here are instructions:

This is a very good video but here is my concern as a novice DNS user.

All of the MX records are similar to value=“” DNS Only Not proxied

My concern is with the MX records being redirected.

Since the Page Rules only apply when Proxied, does that mean the page rules will not impact the MX and other SPF and DKIM records that are not proxied?

Should CNAME record for “mail” be DNS only and NOT proxied.


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