Redirect Users based on their Location


I have a domain called, When the users who are in USA IP addresses visits to my site, I want them to redirect to domain.

I tried Redirect URLs, but its not working.

Please advice me, how can I do that?

A redirect rule (using “Country” as a field) or a using a Worker should work.

But, your target is which is a second-level domain. Cloudflare’s Universal SSL certificate will only cover and * so going to will give a certificate error in the browser.

You either need to use an Advanced Certificate for or set the target to be something like or

I already hosted a shopify store to that domain. So, shopify is offering free SSL for that domain.

Is also hosted on Shopify? If so, your requests are going direct to Shopify’s Cloudlfare account (your DNS record will be DNS only) so no rules set in your Cloudflare account can have an effect.

If not on Shopify, then can you show a screenshot of the redirect rule?

If the DNS settings are on DNS Only, can’t we do the redirection part?

No, as requests don’t pass through your Cloudflare account.

You’ll need to see if there’s an option on Shopify to do what you want.

Okay I will check that. Thanks


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