Redirect URLs don't work reliably

Today did I switch my site to GitHub Pages for various reasons and with that also got a new domain.

Using cloudflare as DNS manager (obviously) did I setup a CNAME record with name www that points to my subdomain ( which works fine.

To make sure that requests are rerouted to the www domain did I also setup a Page rule with URL Forwarding that forwards* to$1

Now to the issue: When I directly type the domain in my browser is it redirecting just fine. If, however, I open the link through clicking on it on pages like Twitter or Discord will the forward not happen for whatever reason and I face the “Site not available” screen of my browser.
Why is that happening? And what can I do against this?

Do I require a separate dummy DNS entry for @, so that the page rule will work as expected?

It seems to work now. Not sure if it is because of the Browser Cache or because I now added an A-Record with name @ and the dummy IP

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