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I want to remove one parameter from the URL and automatically redirect to the same address without the “support” parameter
For example:
Need to return
(The pages are not the same so Canonical is not suitable)
Reference 301 How do I write this in the regex / syntax page rules
Thank you

That might work.*?support:* ->$1?$2

If it does not you could only employ a Worker or handle it server side.

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HI sandro thank you for the answer,
Will I continue to receive the rest of the URL after $ 2?
The pages are not the same after the? Support and I am afraid that in the example you gave it will unite all the pages that contain the ?Support Am I wrong?
For example:
Need to return
Did I explain myself clearly?

Did you try it?

HI Sando,
Not yet, I want to be sure before I do, it’s a great portal and I’m really afraid pages will disappear from the search engines (SEO).
I think I will change, and I pray there will be no harm,
Thank you very much

Unfortunately it does not work…

This is the address that needs to be changed>>>>>���������_�����

This is the address to get >>>>���������_�����

Need to think of another creative solution, I try through page-rules >>>*?support:*
Forwarding URL (Status Code: 301 - Permanent Redirect, Url:$1?$2)
It does not work, If someone has a smart or creative solution through the system without interfering with the code of the site, I would love to hear.

I just checked the rule and it seems to work exactly as expected.

Post a screenshot of what you configured.

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