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So FB has been blocking our client’s domains for some reason and so what we’ve done is pointed a few domains towards the main domain:

One of our secondary domains is However, whenever a user logs in, we want them to be redirected back to

We’ve used the Page Rules>Redirect>URL Path>Contains> to point to Log into Facebook | Facebook

For example, if a user clicks a vote button, he’d be routed to log in through this login?

However, it doesnt redirect to “ /login”.

We would appreciate any Help


Thanks for posting in Cloudflare Community! My name is Brandon, and I’m with the Customer Support team, happy to assist!

I’ve taken a look at your post here as well as your Redirect Rules and Page Rules, and one thing I will note is, using the “URI” or “URI Path” fields with a full URL is not a valid setup.

Essentially, using URI or URI Path is expecting the content after the hostname, so in this scenario, the URI would be /login. You can include the full but it would need to be as “URI Full”.

Additionally, I’m not seeing where the site is being redirected to Facebook, so I assume that’s being done on the origin server. Additionally, Facebook itself would have to redirect the user back to the site in question - Cloudflare can’t control that behavior with URL options like Next-Site.

Try this:

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Thank you Brandon. That solved it =)