Redirect URL is not working. Feels too much depressionšŸ„“

I waited 16 hours, my site still not opening without WWW. Please see the screenshot and give me a solution.

Since the DNS entry which you want to redirect is grey-clouded (:grey:) no Cloudflare features will be applied to it. So also no redirection.

To solve the problem, proxy the DNS entries you want to apply a Cloudflare feature on.


thank you so much

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2 days no sleep, no rest. Just add DNS records, wait, remove them, then add a new one. Thatā€™s my life.
My website opens properly with WWW, but without WWW, my website is not open. My domain host name is Google Sites and I donā€™t know their IP address. I donā€™t know what ā€œA recordsā€ should be used in DNS. My humble request to DNS experts. Please see the screenshot and try to remove me from ā– ā– ā– ā–  :pray: I lost all hope

Can you please head over to and check your current SSL/TLS encryption mode?

If it is currently set to Flexible, then switch to Full (Strict).

And, can you actually tell us what kind of redirecting you are trying to do?

  1. Are you attempting to get to redirect to, so that your users see in their browserā€™s address line bar?

  2. Are you attempting to get to redirect to, so that your users see in their browserā€™s address line bar?

Some parts of your text appears like you are looking for #1, but screenshots indicate you may be attempting to configure it like #2.


Those two are likely also conflicting with each other.

And from your last DNS screenshot is a Cloudflare IP address, which seems very wrong, ā€¦ why exactly did you add / use that one, what was your final goal?

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Thank you so much sir for help me. nature bless you.

Adding to what has been said already.

The DNS record for www is correct (or could be, if your host says so), but:

  1. it needs to be :orange: if you want to use any of Cloudflareā€™s features, be it certs, or redirects, etc.
  2. the records for are wrong, is a Cloudflare IP (which is not correct, as itā€™s been already said) and is a test range, which points to nowhere.

If you want everything redirected to then fix the records for it, make :orange: www, leave the Page Rule as itā€™s correct.
If you want the opposite, then leave as itā€™s a test IP and it wouldnā€™t matter if you put a rule in front, delete the other as itā€™s not needed, reverse the rule.

Make sure Googleā€™s hosting is configured for HTTPS, thatā€™s a good practice even if itā€™s behind Cloudflare.

PS: Iā€™m pretty sure you had a topic about this open already, to which I replied the same exact instructions days ago.

Some of the screenshots look weird, as well, as the UI is changed a while back and it has no square On/Off toggles anymore.


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