Redirect too many times

Hi guys, I am having the problems of “ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS” recently. I had pointed my website to cloudfare since 3 weeks ago, it is looking fine at the beginning and is able to redirect to https from http. However, it happens problems of redirection too many times this week. Is there any solution for this?

Why would you want that?

Do you have any page rule on Cloudflare which redirects from your naked domain to your “www” record?

because to make my url to be more secure? So I redirect it to https.

yes, I had set my page rule for forwarding url 301 redirection

Sorry, simply misread your statement.

The issue appears to be that you are redirecting in circles. Your server redirects to your naked domain and Cloudflare redirects to “www”. You should remove one of those.

okay, but what if i would like to add “www.” for my domain how can i do? because it show without www. since i bought from namecheap

So which means i have to remove my page rule right?

Did I say that? I said you should remove either of those, depending on which redirect you want.

Alright, I had remove the redirection at Cloud Fare, but is still happening the same problem

Now that redirect comes solely from your server. You need to check that there.

It might be best to pause Cloudflare (bottom right on the Overview screen) until you have got your site up and running.

I had pause cloudfare, but it is still the same problem

Of course, because it is an issue on your server. As I already said, you need to fix the redirect there.

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