Redirect too many time when setting SSL Flexible

I have setup 4 website on Cloudflare run on a server, 2 run normally, 2 get error redirect too many time
Same config on Cloudflare, same Nginx config but dont know why
Can help me resolve this issue?

You should use “Full (strict)” only.

Flexible uses HTTP only between Cloudflare and your origin server, even if the client uses HTTPS to Cloudflare. It is therefore insecure as your users think their data is encrypted end-to-end, when it isn’t.

The reason for “too many redirects” is if you have an http->https redirect on your origin server. The client connects over https, but Cloudflare connects to your origin on http, which returns a redirect to https, which connects over http to be redirected to https and so on forever until the browser gives up.

“Full (strict)” connects to your origin over http if the client uses http, and connects to your origin over https if the client uses https.


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