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I am trying to set up rules to redirect to https://www. I have set up for three occurrences and cleared the cache. Below is how the page rules are setup. There is close parenthesis at the end of the redirected rule at$1). Has anyone seen this or have any idea what I am doing wrong. The close parenthesis cannot be deleted.
The rules are***
all three rules redirect to$1
which is showing as$1)
all are permanent redirects

The first two can be combined to*
The third one is unnecessary if you use the “Always Use HTTPS” option in the Crytpo settings page.

Can you post a screenshot of your rules page?


Thank you for responding. I have tried to attached a link to the screen shot above.

I changed it to the single rule please see attached.

Is it working for you now?

Not yet. I can’t turn on the https in cryto or I get a redirect error from the site. Please see attached.cypto

My error, I checked the always use https instead of using the automatic https. The URL bar still reflects without the https://www but when I check the website propagation it works with the www.

Hopefully it is working correctly.

Thank you for your help.

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