Redirect to www big cartel

Hey guys I have purchased a domain on hostinger, and have transferred the name servers over to cloudflares. I need to essentially do this:
I have heard I can do this using page rules. However, i have zero clue how to do this please help!


I’m getting this now:
Ill send the full instructions over, am I getting an error because it takes a day to update?

The redirect seems to work now.

$ curl -I
HTTP/1.1 301 Moved Permanently

I’d generally advise to use the search and #tutorial as most of these issues will be covered there.

So could the reason this is not working be that I put the ttl time at 86400 like I was told to?

The redirect is working. If there are other issues you may want to reach out to your host, respectively use the search to find threads with similar questions. We shouldn’t mix issues in one thread.

Set your www CNAME to :grey: DNS Only.

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