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Hello Cloudflare!

I want to add a redirect of my domain name to a different URL. How can I do that, without changing the rest of the DNS (the mail for example).

Thank you in advance for any help!

Page rules, however for that your domain will already need to be on Cloudflare, for which you will have needed to change the nameservers already.

What’s the domain?

Good morning and thanks for your reply!

The domain is It is purchased in, I only have the DNS here in Cloudflare (thus the nameservers are indeed pointing to Cloudflare).

Could you please elaborate more on the Page rules you mentioned? Thank you in advance.

Start off by going to the Page Rules page, create a page rule that applies to the URL you want to redirect, and then set the action appropriately.

Note that page rules only work for hostnames that are proxied through Cloudflare, so check your DNS records to make sure the needed hostname exists, is proxied (:orange:).

That domain is already on Cloudflare, so you have changed nameservers already. Records are proxied too, so all you need now is to set up a page rule, which you can do under

#Tutorials also has more on that.

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