Redirect to url to url/ : causing increased ttfb

Why my redirect all url to url/ format.
Redirected to
This cause increased ttfb

Here is the gt matrix test of
Url without slash

So this redirection increased my ttbf

Now this is another test of same url followed by slash

So please help me to fix this auto redirect and reduce my ttfb

Thats a redirect from your server. Check out that response header

x-redirect-by: WordPress

Thats an issue on your server and thats where you need to fix it. It is not Cloudflare related.

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Thanks for giving something for digging.
Actually Iā€™m not developer. So could you favour me to clear the further step I have to take.
Which will be suitable forum to fix this
Should I contact to server team ?

Its probably best to take that question to StackExchange.

Thank you very much

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