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Hey All:

I’m getting started using redirects for a website. I’m wondering if it’s possible to redirect an HTTP link to a tel:// link (the type that triggers a phone call. For those wondering why on earth you would do that, it’s because I find lots of different restrictions out there on using tel:// links and it’s a lot more flexible (and, potentially, dynamic) to redirect a normal subdomain. One example is Google Sites, which won’t let you create a tel:// link in any way shape or form but will happily let you create hyperlinks.

In other words, I’m trying to redirect this link ( to this type of link (tel://+12345678900).

Can this be done on the Cloudflare side? I’ve checked Page Rules --> Forwarding URL, but you can’t set tel:// as the destination there. TIA.

The redirect itself should be possible, however not with page rules. Those only support HTTP. For example, FTP does not work either.

You could either do this with a Worker script or - more preferable - on your server side.

Thanks @sandro. So you’re saying that I should incorporate this:

Or is there a more particular script that you’re aware of?

Well, it doesn’t necessarily have to be that script but you eventually need to send a redirect. Either from a Worker or from your own server.

I’ve been hosting everything through Google Sites, so unfortunately I don’t have a nice flexible server to send those sorts of requests through.

All right, if you have no option to do it server side you will have to go the Worker route.

Mostly will be of interest then.

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