Redirect to Mobile site weird

This might be a really simple thing for Cloudflarer Superheroes, but am a bit lost with finding the solution.
My redirect from domain is working fine to the desktop version of my blog, irrespective of whether the ‘www’ is added to the address in the browser or not.

However when entering the domain into a mobile device, redirects correctly, but if the user drops the ‘www’ and merely enters into the browser, the redirect fails and delivers the domain service’s placeholder instead.

What blindingly obvious setting have I overlooked?

Your Mobile redirect looks to go to some other domain. This sounds like you didn’t use the Mobile Direct option in the Speed (Optimizations) section, as this only redirects to other sub/domains in that zone.

How did you set up the mobile redirect?

CUT: Gotta step away for a bit, and I may have misunderstood the question

Thanks for responding.
I used the Page Rules… 301 Permanent Redirect.
I did try to handle the Mobile Direct options after some research, but couldn’t determine the correct sub/domains (and didn’t want to make things worse by guessing)

If anyone else can assist with this, I’d appreciate it. Am a bit lost with finding a solution. Sitiuation as originally posted remains.

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