Redirect to https and http need help urgent

im really facing an issue to redirect my domain to https and force a subdomain to http
i used page rules but every time im getting too many redirects so here is what i want exactly
redirect all to https:/ / and folders
example redirect the root dmain and its all subfolders:
https:/ /
http:/ /


finally redirect the subdomain https:/ / to http:/ / and its subfolders


If you don’t want your subdomain to use HTTPS, make sure you’ve disabled “Always Use HTTPS” and “Automatic HTTPS Rewrites” in the SSL/TLS settings section of the Cloudflare dashboard.

I’m not clear on what else you’re trying to accomplish, but it sounds like you want some Page Rules:

  1. Match* and add Setting to URL Forward (301) to$1
  2. Match* and add Setting to URL Forward (301) to$1
  3. Match* and add Setting for SSL: Full (Strict) or whatever SSL setting you’ve been using.

thank you so much its work but still have a little problem i follow all steps you mention but when test the url like its not redirect to https also when i test it redirect to http

Change Rule 3 to a Forwarding URL that redirects to$1

If you post the actual domain name, we can take a closer look.

my domain is
here is my pages rules

i test the website via now the problem the chat folder always keep on http its not redirect to https

Don’t forget to change Rule 3, as outlined a couple posts up. The SSL:Strict setting I suggested was a mistake.

yes i try to change the rule 3 to$1 but as i said when a visitor try to login to the chat its says too many redirects and i already test it in online redirect checker the same result too many redirect

Whatever you’re using for Chat looks like it’s trying to force you to use HTTP. You’ll have to check the URL configuration in that software and make sure it’s set for HTTPS.


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