Redirect To Differnet Port


Apologies if this has been covered but I could not find it. Is it possible with DNS records, dynamic redirects, page rules, etc. to redirect to a different port on a different domain. We internally host a portal that is moving to a vendor cloud hosting. I can do the redirect in IIS with a IIS Rewrite redirect if needed but I’ll need to keep the webserver running just for that as the portal was it’s only purpose.

Current On Prem Portel -
New Cloud Protal -


It is possible to redirect to a different port (but if you are using https on port 443 you do not need to specify the port).

The issue is that Cloudflare will not terminate requests to port 8282 to enable you to deploy a redirect using any Cloudflare tools. They only support a defined set of ports, and 8282 is not one of them.


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