Redirect to another page

Hello. I have a domain that I want to use to redirect to another webpage. I want to do without manually set it up so for example, “myDomain.csa/player/2978” and rip/grab the numbers and paste them into the site I want to redirect for example, “mainSite.csa/player/2978” as the site i want to redirect has numbers to access specific content and want my domain to be a shorter version that redirects to the domain I want. Also sorry for bad spelling.

See this post from earlier:

Just add any desired directories in between the domain and the variable, e.g:



Hello. I have tried it out and it doesnt work for me. I’m not sure if it is my domain provider or cloudflarre

Try putting a http:// or https:// in front of the the first domain (and make sure there’s no trailing “/“ on either domain).

Just in case: Are your name servers pointing to CF (full setup), and are you putting the traffic through CF (orange cloud/proxied, not grey) in the CF DNS dashboard? The traffic has to be going through CF for page rules to work.