Redirect to a subdomain

I’m trying to redirect my domain to a ‘subdomain’ of another domain

eg to

can anyone help please


Hi @mdroles,

This should cover it, you can just set the target to the subdomain you want.

this does not seem to work, I can redirect if I redirect to a domain but not a subdomain

Can you post the domain and a screenshot of the rule you have configured?



That domain is not using Cloudflare DNS. It’s using livedns from UK.

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yes I know I have reverted back to my registrars redirect for the time being until I find a fix, but would like to use cloudflares infrastructure

can anyone help?

Does cloudflare not support redirect to subdomain, anyone?

It sure does! Dom already posted a tutorial that works for any domain that’s fully controlled by the owner.

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Do my settings look right?

Yes, except for your name servers.

There’s really no point to using Cloudflare if you’re just going to redirect to another domain. Most domain registrars allow you to forward your domain to a another URL.

I did point my nameservers to cloudflare at first, but because the redirect to the subdomain didn’t work I decided to use my registrars redirect instead.

I just want to know why it wasn’t redirecting if my setting are correct

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