Redirect time and first byte

In gtmetrix it shows it take more than 2 seconds to get the first byte -
However, udemy take less than a second -
I use siteground as hosting and I configured cloudfare correctly via help of siteground.

Is there anyway I can decrease my redirect/first byte time?

I have three errors when I run a test in cloudfare
Non-Cloudflare nameservers found
2.The site does not have any DNSSEC records.
The hostname has no DS records.

I cannot find the error names in siteground :frowning:

My website is

Those three warnings don’t affect performance.

  1. Not Cloudflare because you’re using Siteground integration
    2&3) You can enable DNSSEC if you’re comfortable with the process. Otherwise, I suggest you leave it alone for now.

I’m not clear why you’re comparing your site’s performance time with Udemy’s speed. How are they related?

well maybe it is not the right comparison. I am also creating a website as Udemy but for my country. So I usually compare it with udemy. Even other websites have faster redirect speed such as less than a second.

To fully optimise you need to optimize 3 segments.

  1. segment 1 - connection between visitor and CF edge server i.e. CDN cache, WAF, Firewall, Page Rules, Mirage, Polish webP, HTTP/2, HTTP/3, CF Workers (i.e. custom/advanced caching) etc
  2. segment 2 - connection between CF edge server and your origin i.e. Argo, Railgun & Full SSL/ECDSA SSL certificates
  3. segment 3 - your origin server’s performance/optimisations i.e. web server, PHP, MySQL server optimisations and server hardware specs.

Cloudflare can only help for segments 1 & 2 for cached guest/non-logged based visitors. Now for Cloudflare CDN cache miss/bypass and logged in user for web apps like forums/wordpress performance is determined by segment 3. Cloudflare doesn’t cache HTML pages by default only static files . You need to specifically tell Cloudflare to cache HTML pages via page rules etc So your GTMetrix slowness of Index HTML page with TTFB > seconds is purely due to segment 3 factors related to your origin server itself i.e. web server, php and/or mysql database performance which need optimizing and/or better hosting.

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