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We currently use a translation service for our ecommerce store and have a cname that directs * subdomains to them. We’ve had nothing but issues with them and want to direct that traffic back to the store so that where google has picked up a url such as it just goes to the non subdomain version.

I did a test on a country subdomain that gets little traffic and did a cname change for subdomain to direct to our site but had errors (on bigcommerce).

Bigcommerce say its not their issue and its a dns problem.

What’s the easiest way to achieve what I want?

edit - what I ideally want is for someone who goes to a subdomain to keep the subdomain but just see our normal site. so is the same as

For starters, you’d need a bunch of DNS records, as you can’t :orange: Proxy wildcard DNS entries (unless you’re on an Enterprise plan). So you’ll end up with :orange: records that look like de, fr, gb, etc. for all your previous translations.

Next, you need Page Rules. Assuming your domain only has the one website, you’ll need two page rules:

  1. Match* with a benign setting like Always Use HTTPS=ON. This prevents the ‘www’ subdomain from the redirect for the other subdomains.
  2. Match ** and a Forwarding URL (301) to
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