Redirect subdomains to new subdomain using page rules

We have purchased the .com version of our .co domain and are in the process of moving everything over. Including our membership site which is on a subdomain ‘
We have about 150+ urls that are on that need to be redirected to from what we’ve been reading (and been told) you do this in the .htaccess file. However the site is hosted with Flywheel and we unable to do it this way.

Is it possible to set this up with page rules or transform rules?
Are we able to do one rule that applies to all the urls or individual rules for each domain?

Thank you

Individual rules would be very expensive. But of course possible.

The question is: is there anything that DOES NOT need to be redirected to the new domain?
If you wish to redirect everything it is solveable with just one rule.
I always recommend first using a 302 redirect and if everything was tested switch it over to a 301.

Your PageRule could look like this:

You can do this in the .htaccess file if you want to do it on your server. thats good if you want to track redirects etc.
Doing it on Cloudflare does come with the benefit that it gets done quicker since it does not need to hit your server and is getting done in the Cloud.