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Hey, I’m new to Cloudflare and I’m trying to redirect to my discord. But it doesn’t seem to work, I’m using PAGE Rules and DNS, and doing the following;

When I’m done, and trying to connect to my website nothing shows up?
I’ve also tried the tutorials but doesn’t seem to work, what do I do wrong

Thanks for the inputs guys!

It just works for me. What happens when you try to join?

When im clicking the following link discord.Hay-MC.Com this is the error I get
; This website is not available

Dosent work for any of my friends either.

This could be a propagation issue since it’s working for me. Just wait a bit. You can try to clear the local DNS cache, though NXDOMAIN shouldn’t be cached at all.

I assume you’re using Windows. Open a command promt and use this command

ipconfig /flushdns

For reference

Yeah, cleared it just now! Everything seems to be fine in the DNS aswell. Will try contact GoDaddy and ask if my domain is connected to CloudFlare. Dont know whats up, since it dosent work for my friends either.

It IS connected to Cloudflare.

[email protected]:~$ whois | grep Name\ Server

That’s not an issue with GoDaddy. Just wait a bit.

Yes, everything is working now! Thanks for the help! I just had to wait abit,

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