Redirect Subdomain to main domain

Hey, I have a URL shortener script. Now, I have deleted it. But I want that all link should redirect to Main Domain.

In simple words, I want url[dot]SpaceNews[dot]in and* ; Both redirects to main domain

How can i do this?? I already have pointed subdomain to host using a record.

It’d be something like this. You can skip the IP address part, and totally leave off the $1.
Match:* and forward to

I have added page rule. And It seem to work.

Is it necessary to have a subdomain in hosting account and have A records pointing subdomain to my hosting, for this redirection?

What can be simplest method to do this redirection??

You don’t need Rule #1, as /* will match blank as well as a path or file.
You do need a DNS record for the subdomain. It doesn’t matter what the IP address is, though. is a good placeholder address.