Redirect subdomain to external domain

Hi there,

I’m getting tired to do a simple things.
I just switch a TLD to Cloudflare.

Then I used to have a subdomain that redirect to (manage by TXT 1|

Since I switched to Cloudflare I can’t find the way to get that redirect working.

I tried :

  • Rules → Redirect Rules (by following this :
  • Bulk Redirect ( by following :
  • classic DNS record 1|…
  • Https DNS record

So question is : what is the way to make a simple redirection of a sub domain to an other domain while using Cloudflare ?

Thanks for your help.


I like to create only one :orange: Proxied AAAA record using the discard prefix 100:: for You can then create a single redirect similar to the following.

Redirect Rule details

When incoming requests match

Field: Hostname
Operator: equals


Type: Static
Status code: 301
Preserve query string: :heavy_check_mark:

More examples can be found here:

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