Redirect subdomain to another website

Hi Cloudflare community,

There is a website in Cloudflare.
It is required to redirected requests to another site
I though I could just create an alias record conference and point it to but it didn’t work.
Then I tried to create a redirection rule but still getting “The site can’t be reached.”

Could you please advise what is the best way to achieve that.

P.S. There is no DNS record for conference.

You need to add one so it resolves. Use a dummy proxied record of AAAA 100:: if you are redirecting the whole subdomain and there’s no real origin.


Hi @sjr

I added a A record conference pointed to the same IP as the website itself.
Now I get this.
The page isn’t redirecting properly

Firefox has detected that the server is redirecting the request for this address in a way that will never complete."

In the address field I see
everything that is after / is missing.

Make sure the redirect target is (include https:// otherwise the redirect is to a path, not a hostname).

Otherwise, if you can show a screenshot of your redirect rule.


Hi @sjr sjr,

It seems what I was after.
Need to check with a customer.
Thanks heaps.
Not closing this thread yet as I may have some more questions RE static vs dynamic URI redirect type.

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