Redirect Subdomain to another Subdomain

I want to redirect a subdomain i.e abc[.]sub[.]domain[.]com to another subdomain i.e xyz[.]sub[.]domain[.]com

I have tried Page Rules and Redirect Rules but both are not working.
Any idea what should I do?

Can you share the rules you’ve tried? A quick :search: may help, How do I create a subdomain and redirect it>? - #2 by MarkMeyer

To redirect a subdomain to another, ensure you have the hostnames proxy status set to ‘orange cloud’. Then, set up a Page Rule with a pattern that matches your source subdomain. Next, set the ‘Forwarding URL’ setting to a 301 Redirect and specify the destination subdomain. If there are other Page Rules present, ensure this rule is at the top to give it priority. If the issue persists, consider checking if there’s a misconfiguration at your host.


How do I ensure proxy status to “orange cloud” for the domain I want to redirect from? As it is not in the DNS Records.

You have to add the DNS record before any of this will work!

Point it to or any other reserved IP or domain. This is just a placeholder address to have the subdomain proxied so the redirect rule can run.


Okay, I did that but I am getting this warning
Screenshot 2023-10-12 at 9.47.39 PM

Yes, this is going to be a problem: Cloudflare’s free Universal SSL only covers the root domain (such as and first-level subdomains (such as,, etc). Second and deeper levels of subdomains aren’t covered.

To enable SSL support on second and further levels of subdomains (such as your desired, you’ll need to either purchase the Advanced Certificate Manager… or upgrade to a Business or Enterprise plan so you can upload a custom SSL certificate.

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I already have a universal one for that subdomain

Sorry I mean Advanced for the subdomain

It is working now I think it took some time for it work and also I added the record again after ordering a new Advance Certificate and there was no warning this time.

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