Redirect subdomain that to an app on Azure

We have a subdomain that points to an address that runs an app on Azure.

So is there a way to add this to cloudflare (without having to spend $800+/month for enterprise)?
We do not need Cloudflare on the subdomain…

Any workarounds?

I should mention that the app on the subdomain has its own IP Address. Does that matter?

Is your domain already on Cloudflare and you are asking if you can add subdomains?

If so, the answer is yes of course, just add them in the Cloudflare DNS for your domain. I guess you are being confused by subdomain setups…

…which are an Enterprise only feature that allow subdomains to be added to Cloudlare as a zone in its own right for separate management or configuration.

If your domain is not on Cloudflare and you are asking if you can add a subdomain to Cloudflare, then you can do that, but is requires a Business or Enterprise plan…

Thanks SJR.

We did add the subdomain with an A record directing it to the IP address that Azure assigned to it. It would not resolve. It works on GoDaddy as is but once we setup cloudflare (with the imported records which match GoDaddy’s) the subdomain does not resolve. Am I missing something?

Forgot to mention we are using the Free version.

What is the domain and subdomain? Is it on Cloudflare now?

We had to remove it because the subdomain is used for timetracking employees. It is