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I am trying to redirect a sub domain e.g to and have tried several different variations from Redirect rules to Page rules. Any best practices?

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Don’t use Page Rules. They are deprecated and will be removed soon.

One common issue in redirects not being applied is failure to create a DNS entry for the subdomain that is being and redirected. Another is failing to proxy :orange: the record.

It is a lot easier for Community members to provide assistance when you share the real domain and subdomain names and show the rules that you are using. If the suggestions pertaining to DNS records and proxy status are not enough to fix yoyr redirect, please provide the details of the names and rules in use.

Hey, sorry here it comes. I want to redirect to - do I need to create an DNS record and a redirect rule or how do I do this in the best way?

You currently have a CNAME for shophen, so all you should need to do to is set it from :grey::orange:, assuming you have a valid redirect rule in place.

If you need to create that rule still, this may help.

Thanks - yeah the biggest issue I’m having is the redirect rule. I’m using Hostname and* where I have tried both static and dynamic redirect to, but doesn’t work that good

The /* are not valid in a hostname match. Remove them for your match pattern. See example number 4 in the guide I linked in my previous reply. It covers your exact use case.

Big big thanks for the help! :slight_smile:

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