Redirect static pages

Hi there, i use my blog in Cloudflare and my viz projects deployed in github pages.
I tried to use redirects in other plataform but i couldn’t and i hadn’t enough support. Here is the situation, when you select a post an click an image inside this post, it goes to a repository published in github pages. But i want that the final url showed to the user must be like this You can see an example here. How can i do that?

Or what do you recommend how to manage this problem, since I want to manage the blogs and the viz projects separately.

If your domain (blog) is using Cloudflare and is proxied :orange:, from my understanding, you’d want to use Rewrite URLs in such case:

Otherwise, using Cloudflare Workers is also possible and an option to achieve this:


Thanks @fritex. If the request is (by clicking an image) it rewrites to The configuration would be like the image?