Redirect SSL secured host to different machine?

My SSL-Certificate on my host has expired. For reasons I have currently no control over the host and can’t renew it. But I have control over the DNS entries. The name servers are here at Cloudflare (merlin and michelle). Now I could set up a new host somewhere else, use LetsEncrypt to equip it with a new SSL certificate for my domain and change the A record in the DNS. Would it be possible to configure a redirection on my new host to the old host’s IP address, such that visitors could browse to my domain, see the original web page and receive a valid green lock in the browser, indicating a correct SSL connection?

To get SSL working you need a valid certificate. If you can’t renew the current certificate can you replace it with new one? If not, you best bet would be to move the entire domain. Otherwise you could only use page rules to redirect the entire domain to that new domain, but visitors wouldn’t get the original page in that case of course. That would skip your server and your expired certificate altogether and redirect to the new domain straight away.

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The concrete problem is solved as the provider now renewed the certificate. But the question remains: does a redirection from a SSL host to a non-SSL host break the SSL-connection and does it lead to according indications in the browser of the visitor? I am thinking of utilizing the .htaccess file or a HTML header statement such as

<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="0; url=http://<IP address of original non-SSL server here> /" />

A redirect from an HTTPS URL to an HTTP URL won’t break anything, however the newly loaded site will certainly be on HTTP, which will be accordingly visualised as non-secure in the browser.

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