Redirect specific url to http

So I’ve been using Cloudflare for a couple of years and love the service, it so easy, I’m having the following issues we host many domains and many subdomains on our server, and pass all traffic through Cloudflare normally using Flexible SSL in order to encrypt from the browser to the server. Basically the current issue we have a POS system that runs on some of our clients side, where these POS have to connect to other devices on their local network.

Generating certificates for all devices on the their local networks is crazy, would be over 1000 devices to reconfigure, where are trying to get a specific url to run over http*, but we get mixed content because the rest of the assets are loaded over https which gives me a CORS error.
This is the are I received during asset loading.

I’ve added this into the nginx server block config, in order to try to get through this, After following this article:

And this is what my page rules looks like:

And this is what my edge certificates section looks like:

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