Redirect SMTP port

Is there a way for Cloudflare or any of the add-ons to do mail forwarding to a specific port when it arrives at the email server? I want to use port 2525 instead of 25 for incoming email to my email server.

Cloudflare will not proxy SMTP requests. If you want to use SMTP then you need to disable Cloudflare on that subdomain by changing the DNS record to :grey:

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If I disable Cloudflare on that sub domain, then what controls those DNS records? My other DNS provider has the ability to forward email to another port, but does not have the HTTP to HTTPS proxy I also need. Which is why I am looking at Cloudflare.

That doesn’t sound right to me. Would you mind sharing a link to their documentation on that feature?

Your DNS is still with Cloudflare. You are simply turning off the Cloudflare HTTP proxy. When the Cloudflare proxy is enabled, DNS queries return Cloudflare IPs in place of your origin IPs. This means that Cloudflare will receive traffic intended for that hostname and proxy it to your origin server. When you set a record to :grey: DNS Only, queries will return the IP of your origin server and traffic will flow directly to it. This is important when you need to use protocols that are not supported by the Cloudflare proxy.

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I got everything working by adding my domain to Cloudflare and keeping the MX records from DNS Made Easy. Couldn’t add the link, but you can find it at their site

If you mean their Mail Server Forwarding service, Cloudflare does not have a similar offering. Cloudflare Email Routing works differently. Keeping your MX records sounds reasonable. I am glad to hear that everything is working for you now.

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