Redirect site non www to www

I have a domain that points to my files uploaded to a different hosting platform than the domain.
The various SEO tests tell me that and are considered as duplicate contents, were it not for the fact that my site cannot be reached without www.
I would like that if the website address is entered without www, the user will always be redirected to the version with www.
I contacted the platform where I registered the domain, and was answered:
“must set DNS records that point to the IP address of your hosting service”
I don’t really get along with the DNS zone settings.
Could anyone help me?
Thanks, and have a good day.

There is a dedicated tutorial in #Tutorials on that topic.

Thank you all for the answers.
I was able to solve the problem and the redirect works.
The same procedure performed a few hours ago, but without the step 1, of which I did not understand the reason for the insertion of the fictitious IP.
However, it works.

If you did not create the record (with mentioned IP address), there is no address to resolve to, so the browser cant send a request to the proxies, hence the redirect cant never fire.

Ok, I understand, but the IP address should not be that of the hosting platform that hosts my files?
Thanks again.

No, because the IP address is utterly irrelevant as you only need it in order for the record to resolve at all. You can set it to whatever you want. It can be It needs to exist and it needs to be proxied. This is, if you want to direct /*. If you only want a partial redirect, it would be a different story.

Now it’s clear.
Thank you all and have a nice evening.

Wow sdayman this is confusing stuff.

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