Redirect sends me to almost blank page "OK"

My website is being redirected to an almost blank page with the letters “OK” That’s it. Have no clue how to fix this.

It’s not OK.

Can anyone help me out?

Without the ‘www’, it times out. With ‘www’, it redirects to HTTPS with the port number stuck on the end (that’s redundant). Then displays a 404 with a link to return to some other website.

Did you just add this site to Cloudflare? What’s the canonical URL you’ve set? HTTPS to the ‘www’ site?

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Here’s the thing… it worked 2 days ago. I did nothing to change anything.
I get no link or 404. Just “OK” in upper left corner.

The URL “” is housed over on NameCheap and nameservers have been properly set for cloudflare.
In cloudflare, under DSN management, CNAME is “www” and Content is set as, as directed by the searchie platform.

What am I missing here? Appreciate your insight.

What’s the DNS record for Is it an “A” record or “CNAME”? And is that the URL you want to use?

As for the ‘www’ hostname, something is broken over at searchie. Edit that DNS record so it’s :grey: DNS Only (click on the :orange: to change it), then wait five minutes before testing.

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In DNS record, I have 3 type “A” records showing conqueryourselfmembership
… CNAME with www
… 5 MX and a TXT, all with conqueryourselfmembership

I’ll try changing the proxy status to NDS only.

I’ll check back later. Thanks for the help thus far.

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That’s strange. Usually it’s just one. You still haven’t said which URL you want to use for your site: www, or plain.

Nothing… still a dead site/link/whatever.


Well, “www” ( gives 404 but not “white blank page”:

Could it be due to host/origin or bad application routing??

Have you used this tutorial while connecting Searchie app and Cloudflare with your domain?:

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